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Africa is the mobile advertising world’s sleeping giant

Africans have innovated in the realm of mobile before, in mobile banking, for which we are globally renowned. To paraphrase David Sable, Global CEO of leading advertising agency Y&R, the Western world can learn a lot from Africa’s mobile application of the latest technology in banking. I believe Africa’s innovative spirit has largely been the result of necessity, to make up for a lack of traditional infrastructure amongst its consumers. That being said, we need to find that sense of[…]

Why should all digital marketers care about creativity?

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Creativity plays a central role in digital marketing. I must confess that I’m not a creative, a person who works in an agency’s creative department. However, I have the privilege of working with leading creatives that have been recognised on a global level. Fran Luckin, the group executive creative director at Quirk (she has judged at Cannes and many creatives have won Cannes Lions awards under her leadership, including Gold) has influenced my understanding of creativity in a big way.[…]

Online PR: Reinventing Online Reputation Management

The title of this article may sound over the top, but current South African online reputation management (ORM) practices are out of date. Designed by Brands currently make use of a fragmented approach to ORM. Also, search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital paid media are not adequately utilised, if at all. Below I will share with you leading global research as well as my practical, successful findings. An integrated approach to ORM A holistic approach to ORM is needed,[…]

Voice Search SEO

Check out this new campaign, which is based on Google’s “OK Google” voice search,  but Siri will do as well. Take a look at the McDonald’s SA’s Know Our Food question pages, which take searchers to their answers. These pages reveal information, either a behind-the-scenes video or image, as well as to guide consumers to the Know Our Food website: OK Google, does McDonald’s use real meat? OK Google, are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets made with pink slime? OK Google, are[…]

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