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How to get social media right – part 3

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Social media campaigns need to be carefully aligned with traditional advertising, from messaging to timing executions. All digital marketing disciplines need to be in harmony with social media too. Designed by Freepi Facebook ad targeting Get your ad targeting right. Use Facebook’s clever targeting abilities such as custom audiences – once a user visits your site, you can show them your ads on Facebook. Once you have a custom audience, you can expand your ads’ reach with automated lookalike audiences,[…]

How to get social media right – part 2

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Social media, especially Facebook, is an excellent source of highly-engaged website visitors. I’ve studied one of SA’s top 5 online content contributor’s website, over its lifespan at the time, and visitors via Facebook drove high levels of engagement, followed by visitors via Twitter. This is exactly what you want; people engaging with your website or blog content, whether it is to sign up for a newsletter, buy a product via a website. Brand vs Performance Social Media So, a social[…]

How to get social media right – Part 1

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To paraphrase David Sable (Global CEO of Y&R agency), social media is nothing new, we’ve been socialising around office water coolers for decades. So, simply put, normal social interaction norms should apply in a different format online as they do offline. Sticking with the water cooler metaphor – if you start a new job you would not try sell your Tupperware goods from your side business at your first opportunity. You would act normal, be friendly, chat about everyday things,[…]

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