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My Consultancy vs. an Agency

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  So, why you would hire me (consultant) vs an agency? I’m cost-effective – I offer all forms of digital marketing at a set fee, which is also lower because I don’t have the same overhead costs that an agency has. Optimal integration and synergy of digital marketing channels across Google Search, Display ads and Facebook, no agency silos. I offer the highest level of personal attention to detail for maximum results. I help get the best results from within[…]

What does it take to be a digital marketing entrepreneur?

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What does it take to be an entrepreneur in South Africa’s digital marketing industry? I’ve taken the plunge at running my own digital marketing consultancy going forward. To quote a friend, “Stephen has spun out his own consultancy but with none of the silly agency overhead.” alphaspirit – Part of this process of figuring what it takes to be an entrepreneur is personal reflection, data gathering, analysis, chatting to the pros and learning from it all. I’m not completely new[…]

The life of a consultant

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It’s been quite a month, my first month as a digital marketing consultant. It has been a refreshing challenge and it couldn’t be more rewarding – you’re doing it for yourself, not for somebody else’s company. Focus and dedication are more important than ever. Bravery and a positive mind are critical. It’s been fun. I’ve met more top marketers in a short amount of time than ever before. I’m steaming ahead, building up my client base. I’ve signed up a handful of[…]


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