My Consultancy vs. an Agency

So, why you would hire me (consultant) vs an agency?

  1. I’m cost-effective – I offer all forms of digital marketing at a set fee, which is also lower because I don’t have the same overhead costs that an agency has.
  2. Optimal integration and synergy of digital marketing channels across Google Search, Display ads and Facebook, no agency silos.
  3. I offer the highest level of personal attention to detail for maximum results.
  4. I help get the best results from within your team too, through training and advising on improving marketing related processes.
  5. I offer strategic insight 24/7 – at my level of experience, an agency would offer limited access to a senior specialist like me. You would mostly deal with juniors / mid-level specialists.
  6. I’ve innovated in my key specialty, SEO, like no other person or agency in SA has before, humbly-speaking.
  7. I don’t run by a rigid, bureaucratic internal structure. E.g. I don’t work per a limited number of hours, which an agency has to do for the most part. I work 7 days a week if needed to get the job done to the highest possible level of performance.
  8. I pool together the best digital marketing freelance experts to solve any business challenge if needed.

I by no means want to come across like I’m “bashing” digital agencies. I’ve worked at agencies and on the corporate side in my career. Nevertheless, I believe that the agency business model is obsolete. Globally-speaking, leading brands are re-assessing their long-standing relationships with digital agencies too.

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