How to get social media right – part 3

Social media campaigns need to be carefully aligned with traditional advertising, from messaging to timing executions. All digital marketing disciplines need to be in harmony with social media too.

Africa is the mobile advertising world's sleeping giant

Facebook ad targeting

Get your ad targeting right. Use Facebook’s clever targeting abilities such as custom audiences – once a user visits your site, you can show them your ads on Facebook. Once you have a custom audience, you can expand your ads’ reach with automated lookalike audiences, thereby targeting people with similar variables as those of your custom audience. 

Social media optimisation

Social media optimisation can mean different things to different marketers. Some think it is about getting the most out of your social media and others believe it is the optimisation of the relationship between your social media and your website or blog.

Website Google search listings that aren’t adverts are impacted by the quality of said websites’ content. Content that resonates with its intended audience will be shared often on social media. So, indirectly social media impacts SEO or search engine optimisation.

Blog vs website vs social media

A brand’s blog generated awareness and consideration, while its website is mostly about performance – sales are driven, while social media augments both the website and the blog with brand and performance social ads and social content.

Learnings from social campaigns

One can learn a lot from social media campaigns; what messaging works and the detailed breakdown of your customers. This, in turn, can help you craft blog content that resonates more with your customers.

Breaking news’ impact on Twitter and Google Search

Social media and Google search are more connected than most think. Data reveals that when news breaks, people usually turn to Twitter or Facebook first, followed by Google search.

I believe Twitter is great for live news but as breaking news unfolds, people turn to Google search to find in-depth articles on the subject. One way Google strives to be a real-time source of news is to provide a stream of live tweets in its search results.

It all comes together

One should not treat social media in isolation – it must work closely with Google Search Marketing, the website, blog and traditional advertising to get the most out of it.