How to get social media right – Part 1

How to get social media marketing right. Image courtesy of Freepix.

To paraphrase David Sable (Global CEO of Y&R agency), social media is nothing new, we’ve been socialising around office water coolers for decades.

So, simply put, normal social interaction norms should apply in a different format online as they do offline. Sticking with the water cooler metaphor – if you start a new job you would not try sell your Tupperware goods from your side business at your first opportunity. You would act normal, be friendly, chat about everyday things, add value to a conversation. Then maybe once you’re well acquainted with your colleagues you’ll hint at selling your Tupperware. It’s the same for social media.

An imaginative, original and relevant creative idea, as well as artwork, are crucial to successful interaction. A strong creative concept is vital. Get the artwork spot on or fail. 30% of the brain’s cortex is dedicated to sight vs 8% for touch and 3% for hearing. Facebook posts should be short, visual and created with the right audience in mind.

Stand out from the vast amount of social chatter, including your competitors, and grab attention. To do this you also need the help of ads. If you don’t spend enough on ads your reach and engagement will be minimal.