Digital marketing trends for 2017 (part 2)

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Here’s part two of my trends articles on digital marketing. Thanks to all the contributors for their insightful thoughts. In part two of my exploration of digital marketing, I decided to find out where other marketers see digital marketing fit into brands’ marketing mixes in 2017. I caught up with: Mzamo Masito, Managing Executive: Brand Marketing & Communications at Vodacom South Africa; Fran Luckin, Chief Creative Officer of Grey Africa; Justin Spratt, Head of Business, Sub-Saharan Africa at Uber; and[…]

Digital marketing trends for 2017 (part1)

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(c) rawpixel – – courtesy of I especially enjoyed writing this piece on Digital marketing trends for 2017. I’m more or less a self-taught digital marketer (formally only studied marketing). It’s my curiosity, risk-taking nature and creativity that got me to where I am today. It is this curiosity that led me to ask the question, ‘What should we look out for in 2017 when it comes to digital marketing?’ I share my thoughts on trends and I caught[…]

SEO – Search Experience Optimisation

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©Marcel de Grijs via 123RF SEO – Search Experience Optimisation So what is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? SEO is the art of creating an unrivalled website experience that consumers love to explore, as well as providing users with what they are looking for, while simultaneously reaching the brand’s goals. I believe that SEO is an evolving digital art; a means of developing a website, improving its usability, optimising its content and spreading the word on the Internet. When I refer to[…]

Digital marketing – 2013 perspective is still a bit relevant today

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I wrote this article in 2013. A lot of what is discussed can be seen as fundamental components of digital marketing, which are less likely to change much anytime soon. As corny as it sounds, let’s still try push boundaries each day in the office. Digital marketing from a 2013 perspective I believe that an effective digital presence is crucial for any brand to truly succeed in today’s digital world and South Africa is no exception. You need to understand the[…]

Can you measure a brand’s communication performance?

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Biz Takeouts Radio Interview: Digital agency trends, SEO and innovation in 2016

On Thursday, 3 March 2016, Biz Takeouts Marketing and Media Radio show host Warren Harding (@bizwazza) chatted to Stephen Sandmann (@stephensandmann), strategy and development specialist at Quirk to look at his take on all things digital, SEO and trends that you should know about for 2016. We spoke to Stephen about digital agency trends to look out for in 2016, search strategy, development and SEO trends. We also looked at innovative digital marketing solutions via search, new tech and other[…]

Digital marketing innovation with Google Voice Search

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Our craft, as digital marketers, must evolve with the times. I’m referring to today’s ‘No Interface trend’. Trend Watching, the trend experts, have summed it up well: “people want to feed their growing addictions to digital info and live in the present moment; consumers want new, more natural forms of interaction with technology. Speech, gesture, touch, and sight: truly intuitive technologies are set to transform your customer interactions forever.” When people think of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), they usually think[…]

Tips to win at digital marketing – Paid search and SEO

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Digital marketing’s search engine marketing (SEM) can be summed up as a means to harness Google search for your business, as part of your business’ marketing mix to increase product sales and/or brand awareness. SEM consists of search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search (Google’s AdWords) ads. Often businesses either invest in SEO or paid search ads but not both, or most likely not adequately investing in both. However, businesses should invest in SEM as a whole for various reasons.[…]

Africa is the mobile advertising world’s sleeping giant

Africans have innovated in the realm of mobile before, in mobile banking, for which we are globally renowned. To paraphrase David Sable, Global CEO of leading advertising agency Y&R, the Western world can learn a lot from Africa’s mobile application of the latest technology in banking. I believe Africa’s innovative spirit has largely been the result of necessity, to make up for a lack of traditional infrastructure amongst its consumers. That being said, we need to find that sense of[…]

Why should all digital marketers care about creativity?

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Creativity plays a central role in digital marketing. I must confess that I’m not a creative, a person who works in an agency’s creative department. However, I have the privilege of working with leading creatives that have been recognised on a global level. Fran Luckin, the group executive creative director at Quirk (she has judged at Cannes and many creatives have won Cannes Lions awards under her leadership, including Gold) has influenced my understanding of creativity in a big way.[…]

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