Online PR: Reinventing Online Reputation Management

The title of this article may sound over the top, but current South African online reputation management (ORM) practices are out of date. Designed by Brands currently make use of a fragmented approach to ORM. Also, search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital paid media are not adequately utilised, if at all. Below I will share with you leading global research as well as my practical, successful findings. An integrated approach to ORM A holistic approach to ORM is needed,[…]

Voice Search SEO

Check out this new campaign, which is based on Google’s “OK Google” voice search,  but Siri will do as well. Take a look at the McDonald’s SA’s Know Our Food question pages, which take searchers to their answers. These pages reveal information, either a behind-the-scenes video or image, as well as to guide consumers to the Know Our Food website: OK Google, does McDonald’s use real meat? OK Google, are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets made with pink slime? OK Google, are[…]

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