The life of a consultant

How to get social media marketing right. Image courtesy of Freepix.

It’s been quite a month, my first month as a digital marketing consultant. It has been a refreshing challenge and it couldn’t be more rewarding – you’re doing it for yourself, not for somebody else’s company. Focus and dedication are more important than ever. Bravery and a positive mind are critical. It’s been fun. I’ve met more top marketers in a short amount of time than ever before.

I’m steaming ahead, building up my client base. I’ve signed up a handful of bluechip clients, exciting brands that are keen to do innovative digital marketing. The future looks bright. Thank you all for helping make it happen – it’s truly appreciated.  Here’s to many decades of digital marketing that is effective and creative, to adventure and to challenges.

I’ll be going under the “Sandmann Digital” name, fully branding my ‘operation’ soon, not only because I’m proud of my heritage but also I wouldn’t be here without my family.