What is Sandmann Digital? It’s all summed up in our logo. The colours signify how we strive to always be creative. The silhouette of a person’s face shows that people (customers) are central to what we do and that my work connects directly with them across various moments to provide effective digital marketing services. Services include paid search (PPC /SEM), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), content marketing and social media advertising.

I, Stephen Sandmann have created my own consultancy, without any of the unnecessary agency overhead. Services include: Search Engine Optimisation/SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Website Development services in Johannesburg.

I have a team of the best digital marketing specialists in SA that a call upon when needed. This way of operating my consultancy allows for clients to know that they are getting the most highly-skilled specialist to work on their account at the best possible rate. I’m not in the business of bringing experts to meetings but letting inexperienced people work on your account back in the office.

An effective online or digital presence is vital for any business to truly succeed. Most businesses wish they could reach more consumers effectively, whether it be prospective clients or keeping current clients happy. Sandmann Digital can make that happen.

For those that don’t know me, here’s my short bio:

I have extensive Search Marketing experience, which includes over a dozen brands such as DStv and Vodacom, as well as SMEs and NGOs. I have and continue to work with SA’s top digital marketers, which have helped get where I am today. I’ve performed SEO while employed at Ogilvy, Quirk (Mirum) and Vodacom.

I enjoy being innovative and mingling with creatives. Regarding SEO, my one idea, McDonald’s OK Google voice search campaign won a Silver Assegai in 2015 and a Silver Pixel in 2016 (and nominated in a personal capacity), which was arguably a world-first for a 3rd party brand. Recently, I’ve innovated with applying emojis to organic search, for a large brand.  Vodafone Brand All Hands 2017 Awards – Runner-up for Best Innovation (Google Shopping Ads) out of 21 markets.

In terms of Paid Search Marketing, my work helped secure a Runner-up for Best Innovation (Google Shopping Ads) award at Vodafone Brand All Hands 2017 Awards, out of 21 markets.

I enjoy working on digital-led marketing, paid search marketing, social media marketing, and app store optimisation as well.

This quote from Inc. Magazine sums up where I am right now, “Shake off the fear of the unknown, dispel your self-limiting belief that hugely successful people are more talented than you. They’re just a bit more obsessed.” Inc. Magazine. I now have the time to be more obsessed with the work I love.